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Open my ANZ Bank Account


It is time to open your bank account in Australia! Whether you are paying your rent, tuition fees, or buying your groceries, you need easy access to your money. In addition, most employers prefer to deposit salaries into a savings account.

In Australia, using cash (dollars) is becoming less popular. In fact, with chips in credit and debit cards, all you need nowadays is a quick tap to buy almost everything!


How to set up an ANZ bank account


Prepare for Australia has partnered with ANZ bank to help you make bank decision more simple! We researched the many Australian banks and determined that ANZ has many excellent services for migrants and international students. For example, the ability to have your new VISA debit card available at any branch across the country, banking staff who speak languages other than English, and events to assist newcomers to Australia. We believe you will have a good financial partner with ANZ!


How to open a savings or transaction account

Signing up online takes just 5-10 minutes, and you will then officially be an Australian bank account holder! You can have your visa debit card delivered to the location of your choice in Australia – including any ANZ branch near you home, office or school.

Do your best to activate the account within 6 weeks of arrival in Australia, as you usually need only your passport as identification within this time. After 6 weeks, you will need extra identification to open, or activate, the account.

Open Bank Account Australia
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