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Arriving by Air

arrive-australiaThe moment has arrived! You are finally arriving in your new home!


If arriving by air, after you land in Australia you will be directed to the immigration desk for a customs check.

The immigration officer will ask you for your passport and Incoming Passenger Card (IPC), which you should have been given on the plane and already filled out. If you do not receive one from your flight crew, ask for one before you arrive at the customs desks.


Luggage collection

After you ‘clear customs’, it is then time to collect your checked luggage from the carousel. While you are awaiting your bags, you might be quickly interviewed by an Australian Customs and Border Protection Service officer and/or a dog might sniff your luggage for drugs or prohibited items.


Quarantine check

Once you collect your bags, you then go through a quarantine check for your bags.  An Australian Customs and Border Protection Service officer will ask to see your IPC again, and then decide if you can exit straight through, will have you bags x-rayed, or have your bags opened up and inspected.

Arrivals Hall

Once past quarantine, you exit to the airport arrivals hall. Here, you can exchange money (remember, you will pay commission), use ATMs, hire a car, and book accommodation.

If you are travelling to another Australian destination, the staff at the information desk will assist you with transferring to a domestic terminal.


Airport transportation

airport-transportationOutside the arrivals hall you can catch a taxi, minibus, airport shuttle, or public bus.


Minibuses are cheaper than taxis, but are slower as they make a number of stops. Public buses are even cheaper but, again, make stops along the way.


Some Australian airports, such as Sydney and Brisbane, have trains that travel into the city. Here is the transportation information for Australia’s major airports:



Gold Coast


Welcome to Australia!!