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Banking in Australia


Australia has an extremely secure banking system that stood strong during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). In fact, the Australian governement currently guarantees deposits of $250,000 per person per institution – that is how safe your money is! In this section we share information on everyday banking (transaction accounts & savings accounts), credit & debit cards, insurance, personal loans & home loans, international banking, investing & financial planning, and business banking.

  • Credit cards


    While settling into your new Australian life, a credit card is a great tool if used wisely. Make sure you know what you are signing up for! Learn more

  • Everyday Banking


    Everyday banking gives you a savings or transcation accout that you can use online, in branch, over the phone, or at an ATM. Learn more

  • Opening a bank account


    Opening your bank account is one of the first things to do! Did you know you can do this in from home before you move? Learn more

  • Credit history


    Your credit history is one of the best tools you have to grow money in Australia. As a migrant, you have a fresh financial start with your good credit score! Learn more