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Bridging Programs


Bridging programs offer an effective way to transition your knowledge, skills, and experience into the Australian engineering workplace.

According to the accreditation authority Engineers Australia, 50% of engineers who were trained overseas find a job when they migrate. In comparison, 63% of Australian-born engineers find employment. Of the 85,000 engineers working in 2010, approximately 9,000 were born overseas.

Many migrant engineers have told Prepare for Australia that while they succeeded in getting job interviews, especially in Western Australia, they are then turned down due to having no Australian experience. It is a frustrating situation for everybody because the engineering companies have a shortage of workers, but the lack of Australian experience in code and practice creates a large gap.

To provide a ‘bridge’ for newcomers, many colleges and universities offer training programs or workshops for both recent graduates from overseas universities, and engineer who are migrating with experience. 

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