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Checklists for moving

checklistsThere are so many things to remember to do when you are moving overseas. We have an expression in Australia…”forewarned is forearmed”. Planning every step is crucial to making the process easier. Try not to leave your packing and shipping plans until the last minute.

Prepare for Australia has put together some checklists to help you through the process.  These lists do not cover EVERY topic you need to consider, but they are a good place to start! You can follow them online, or print them for a physical record.

  • Checklist 1: documentation


    Ensure you bring the documents and paperwork required for applications in Australia to be processed. Learn more

  • Checklist 2 – personal items


    As a permanent resident, the possessions you have owned for 12 months can be brought to Australia tax free. Learn more

  • Checklist 3: transfer money


    Transferring your cash and investments should be planned in advance so you have the money you need right away. Learn more

  • Checklist 4: valuables


    When migrating, you can bring valuables including jewellery, works of art, and cash into Australia. Learn more

  • Checklist 5: medical records


    It is import to bring your medical records when you migrate, especially if you have children enroling in school. Learn more

  • Checklist 6: work documents


    Documents relating to your professional experience are some of the most important things to bring to Australia.  Learn more

  • Checklist 7 – shipping goods


    Shipping is an expensive exercise. Only pack important things, and do your research for the best rates.  Learn more