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Climate and Weather


Being such as large country, the climate across Australia varies dramatically.

In the tropical north, around Darwin, average temperatures sit above 30 degrees celsius all year round.

Tropical areas across the top of Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and Queensland experience a monsoon season, which includes occasional cyclones (known as hurricanes or typhoons in other parts of the world).

Tasmania, in the far south, has a climate that is more European, with cold winters (often snow) and mild summers in the low to mid twenties.

Sydney has warm summers in the high twenties and mild winters that average around 17 degrees.

Brisbane is a few degrees warmer all year round, but can be very humid in summer.

Melbourne has more extreme weather, with average temperatures of around 14 degrees in winter. Melbourne can experience all 4 seasons in 1 day! Summer weather is far less humid in Melbourne than that of Brisbane or Sydney but occasionally much hotter -with a handful of days over 40 degrees.

Adelaide and Perth have similar weather patterns of mild winters and warm to hot summers. Being close to the desert, the climate is quite dry in both cities.


And….it’s true…you can ski in Australia. We get snow! Many migrants come to Australia expecting the weather to be warm all year long. In many parts of the country, you need winter clothes, so don’t forget to pack them.


Weatherzone displays average temperatures for all towns and cities in Australia.