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Australian Cuisine

cuisine-foodAustralia, in fact, does not really have a recognisable cuisine of its own as do countries such as India, Thailand or Italy. Australians used to eat English-influenced foods, but those days are long gone.

Over the years, Australia has been influenced by the cooking styles the people who have arrived on its shores, in particular, Asians. You might hear our cuisine referred to as ‘Asian Fusion’. And it is good!

Having said that, Aussies still love their barbeques! The tradition of cooking with family and friends in the garden or at the beach will never die! We love a good steak and salad in the sunshine! Meat pies and sausage rolls with a cold beer are also old favourites, but you are just as likely to see an Aussie teenager eating a kabab on a late night out.

Australians really do love food for all over the world. Popular international restaurants include Thai, Chinese, Italian, French, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Indian. Other cuisines such as Mexican and Korean are gaining in popularity.