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Enrolment in Australian Schools

EnrolmentIn order to attend school or university in Australia, you must meet both the visa requirements and the requirements of the university you plan to attend. The academic level is determined by what you plan to study. Each university/college and program has its own guidelines. Schools or an education agent can help you with this. Our education partner, Drake Student Recruitment, can assist you with the enrolment process 100% free.

Enroling in university programs

Getting into undergraduate programs

You must either have an Australian senior secondary certificate of education, which is Year 12, or the equivalent level from an overseas school. You may also be required to have taken pre-requisite subjects for certain courses.

Getting into postgraduate programs

You must have completed at least one university degree, and possibly research or work experience (depending on your program).

Other options

If your academic level is not suitable, it is possible to make up for this by enrolling in an Australian secondary school or taking ‘foundation studies’, which are courses designed to prepare students for higher education courses.

Does my qualification qualify?

Find out if you qualify to enter an Australian education program you would like to study.

English standards

Enrolling Higher EducationStudying in Australia requires a high level of English competency. You are required to listen to lectures, write essays and tests, and function in day-to-day English-speaking life. To ensure that you can keep up with your studies, you are required to attain IELTS 6.0. However, some programs may require a higher score.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Past work experience and studies may qualify you to reduce the amount of studying you need to do in Australia if you can prove you are competent in areas of the program. Learn about RPL here


Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)

Once you have been accepted to a university, you receive a ‘confirmation of enrolment’. This helps you fast-track your student visa process, which can be completed online in a matter of weeks, depending on the country of your passport.


Proof of your capacity to pay

One thing you will need to do when enrolling in an Australian university, and applying for your visa, is to demonstrate your capacity to both pay for the course and support yourself while in Australia. This is a government requirement for your student visa.

The easiest thing to do may be to open a bank account before you leave your home country. This is something you can do with our partner ANZ, one of the major banks in Australia. By opening a bank account before you arrive, you can:

  • Demonstrate you have the funds required to study in Australia
  • Travel without the worry of carrying large amounts of cash.
  • Transfer funds into your account before you leave.
  • Have a Visa debit card and be ready to ‘transact’ as soon as you arrive.

You can open an account online and then, once in Australia, all you have to do to activate the account by taking your passport to any ANZ Branch within six weeks of arriving.