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Facts about Australia

facts-australiaThe first migrants to Australia, the aboriginals, arrived over 50,000 years ago. Immigration remains the backbone of this great country.

According to the 2011 census, 26% of Australians were born in another country, with an additional 20% having at least one parent born overseas. With a healthy economy and high demand for skilled migrants to add to the labour force, Australian newcomers will continue to be welcomed to these vast shores.

  • Australian wildlife


    Cute koalas and bouncing kangaroos. These are powerful images of Australia. However, there is also a ‘not so cute’ side to Australian wildlife! Learn more

  • Climate


    Don’t be tricked into thinking Australia is hot all year long! The south of the country experiences cool winters. Plan for the climate you are moving to. Learn more

  • Australian Flag


    Australia’s flag was introduced in 1901, and contains the British Union Jack, Southern Cross, and Commonwealth Star. Learn more

  • Migration History


    From the first aborigines to the cultural mix of today, Australia as a rich migration history. Learn more