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Australian Flag


The Australian flag was introduced in 1901 and contains the British Union Jack, The Southern Cross, and the Commonwealth Star.


The Union Jack, in the top left hand corner, is a symbol of the country’s British past.


The Southern Cross is the five stars on the right side of the flag. (it looks like a kite). This constellation has been important in navigation in the southern hemisphere. You cannot see it in the Northern Hemisphere.


The Commonwealth Star, on the bottom left of the flag, has 7 points that each represent a state or territory.

Aboriginal flag

aboriginal-flagIn addition to the national flag, Australia also has a flag to represent the aboriginal people of this nation.

It was designed by Harold Thomas, a Luritja man, to symbolise the unity of all Aboriginal people during the land rights movement in the early 1970s. In 1995, the Australian Government recognised it as an official flag of Australia.
The black represents the Aboriginal people of Australia, the red represents the red earth and spiritual relationship to the land, while the yellow represents the sun, which gives life and protection.