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Food in Australia

foodAustralia is one of the best places in the world to eat. Fresh air, clean water and a lot of sunshine mean that the fresh fish, meat, fruit and vegetables are of top quality. Being such a multicultural country, Australia has an enormous variety of restaurants offering cuisines from around the world. 

  • International ingredients


    It is generally easy to find many international ingredients. Most Australian supermarkets carry the most popular world foods. Learn more

  • Coffee culture


    Australians drink about 1 billion cups of coffee outside their home in a year, including 480 million capuccinos. This is a nation that loves good coffee! Learn more

  • Nutrition & health


    It is very easy to for migrants to eat poorly while getting used to a new diet. Luckily, Australia has a great many food options. Learn more

  • Alcohol & drinking


    A glass of wine or beer with friends is a popular way to socialise. Alcohol is served in most social situations. Learn more

  • Food shopping


    Supermarkets, local shops, and farmers markets provide an array of fresh produce, dairy, meat, fish, and baked goods. Learn more