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Importing a yacht/boat

Import Yacht BoatWhile few newcomers will import a yacht or sailboat when moving to Australia, if you own a boat, this is a great place to use it!

Like a car, most yachts are subject to tax and import duty. The fees depend on whether the yacht arrives by freight, or is sailed into the country. Please visit the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service website for more information. 

Important: When you import a yacht, after paying tax and duty you must ALSO lodge a cash or bank security (usually the value of the duty and tax payable) with the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. This is to ensure you do not sell or dispose of the yacht within 2 years of it arriving in Australia. You will receive the money back after 2 years, as you have now proven the boat was for personal use only.

There are exceptions for non-motorized boats that arrive as unaccompanied person effects you have owned for 12 months or longer. You may not have to pay any tax or duty on these boats. These are very specific rules, so please contact the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service directly for assistance on this email: [email protected].