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Important First Steps

Important First StepsWhether you are coming as a skilled migrant or intenational student, like anyone arriving in a new country, there are things you must do in advance or as soon as you arrive. The sooner you are settled, the better! These are some of the things we suggest you do from home before you leave, or within days of arriving in the country.

1. Open a bank account – before you arrive

We recommend you open your bank account BEFORE you come to Australia, Our banking partner, ANZ, will help you do this. You can apply for an account online, without an Australian address, from your home country. The bank will mail you a debit card so you have access to money as soon as you land. You simply take the new card and some identification to any ANZ branch across the country, do a 100-point check, and then you are banking like any Australian!

2. Get a mobile phone – before you arrive

You will have a lot to do in your first few days, and many phone calls to make! A pre-paid SIM card gives you instant access to the phone system. If you have your own handset, simply change your SIM when you land in the airport, and you are now connected to your new life. Our communication partner, Optus, can help you get started.

3. Get your Tax File Number (TFN) – after you arrive

Starting, or looking for, work is the reason many of you are moving to Australia. The sooner you have your Tax File Number, the better! You cannot get paid without this. To start the application process you must be in Australia, but apply for your TFN as soon as you can.

4. Cost of living: be aware! – before you arrive

Many newcomers to Australia get a shock when they learn how much things cost, especially in cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Australian capital cities have some of the highest property prices in the world – and this is reflected in rent. Necessities like food and transportation are also expensive. Whether you are a skilled migrant or student, do not rely on getting a job immediately, as this may not happen. We highly recommend you come with some savings in the bank. Educate yourself on the cost of living in Australia so you can plan ahead.

5. Increase your English fluency – before + after you arrive

Whether you are researching jobs or courses in Australia, getting on a plane tomorrow, or already here, there is always time to improve your English skills! Communicating in English with clarity and confidence is crucial to success in your new life. We share some ways to improve your English.