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Insurance in Australia


Australia has a very well established and reliable insurance system. Insurance for individuals and families can be divided into three categories – general insurance, life insurance, and private health insurance. 

Many Australians also take out income protection to secure part of their salary if they become unable to work. You can obtain insurance through a bank or specialist insurance companies.  There can be advantages in keeping your banking and insurances together such as multi-policy  discounts but you should shop around to ensure you are getting the best insurance for your circumstances.

  • General insurance


    Between floods, drought & fire, Australian’s certainly need insurance to protect their homes & property. Policies are important considerations. Learn more

  • Private health insurance


    Private health cover offers rebates on services Medicare does not cover – like dental, chiropractics, & natural therapies, and a larger selection of doctors. Learn more

  • Income protection


    Income protection protects you and your family if you can no longer work for a long period of time, due to illness or injury. Learn more

  • Life Insurance


    Life insurance protects your family through a finiancial payout in case of death or in the case of a serious illness. Learn more