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Checklist 7

Shipping goods to Australia

international-shippingSelecting household goods and personal items to bring to Australia, packing them, and shipping them safely can seem like a lot of work.

Take care to only ship the items you REALLY want, to cut down on cost and effort.

Here are some important things to keep in mind:

1.  Bring personal items with sentimental value (e.g. family photos and heirlooms).


2.  Only ship items that are expensive to buy new, such as furniture. Australia is an expensive country to buy things in. However, with sites like eBay and Gumtree, you can get great deals on second-hand household items.


3.  It is better to replace some items with Australian versions. For example, appliances and electronics may not be compatible – Australia is 220-224 volts, unlike the US and Canada which are 110 volts.


4.  Make sure that professional removalists (movers) give you a detailed packing list. If you pack your own items, write a list.


5.  Check whether your freight forwarding company offers an unpacking service or if it is shipping only.


6.  Buy insurance coverage for loss or damage of your belongings while they are in transit. Try to take valuable items like art and jewelry on the plane.


7.  Exchange contact details with your shipping company.


8.  Ask friends or relatives to recommend a reliable international removalist.


9.  It could be some time before you are able to buy everyday household items such as cutlery and crockery.


10.  Australian Customs and Border Protection invoices/payment advices can be paid by several methods. Consult the ACBPS website for further information. Yuo can also check with the customs office to see if certain goods are allowed to be imported. Email them here.


11.  Research affordable storage for goods you are leaving behind in your home country. It is often cheaper to buy new furniture if you eventually return home than it is to pay storage fees over a few years. Donating unwanted goods to a charity is a win-win for everyone!


Importing a motor vehicle

Information on importing a motor vehicle to Australia is available on the Australian Customs and Border Protection website. Costs involved in bringing your vehicle from your home country include entry processing charges, customs duty and GST. You may also have to pay a Luxury Car Tax (LCT) if the vehicle has a customs value of over $57,466 and is designed to carry a load of less than two tonnes, and fewer than nine passengers.

Importing a yacht

The amount of import duty and tax to be paid when importing a yacht to Australia depends upon a number of factors including the value and age of the vessel, and number of modifications. Consult the Customs and Border Protection website for further information.