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Getting a job in Australia

job-search-employment For most Australian migrants, the biggest step in your success story is getting your first job. While job searching tactics are generally the same in every country, it is important to understand the ‘cultural’ side of looking for employment in Australia.  Prepare for Australia guides you through resume & cover letter writing, and interviewing for a job in English. In addition, we provide advice on networking and how to look for work. We will soon be launching a JOB BOARD, so register with us to keep up-to-date!

  • Networking to get a job


    Networking it is a key part of Australian business relationships & job searching. These are skills you need! Learn more

  • Where are the jobs?


    While most migrants want to move to a capital city, this is not always the best option for your career.  Learn more

  • Volunteering


    Moving to a new country is a good time to become a volunteer. Volunteering develops friendships and valuable work experience. Learn more









  • Writing a resume/CV


    Your resume is your ticket to a great job in Australia. Follow these tips to create an English resume for success. Learn more