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Living in Australia


This wonderful country has so much to offer…but as a migrant, there is so much to learn. We share facts, advice, and information on everything we can think of. Topics include accommodation, food, culture, transportation, politics, entertainment, communication, sport, and much more! 

  • Culture & family


    Australian society is as strong as the Aussie sunshine. Expect difference from the life you are used to! Learn more

  • Food in Australia


    Australia is blessed with great seafood, produce, dairy, and meat. It also has some of the world’s best wine. Learn more

  • Communication


    Staying in touch with loved ones, and access to your your culture’s media, is important. We show you how to do that! Learn more

  • Housing & accommodation

    Accommodation Housing







    Finding a place to live is a crucial step. Be prepared for the high cost of Australian housing and plan ahead. Learn more

  • Country facts


    We share insights and knowledge about the history, climate, and wildlife of this wonderful island nation. Learn more

  • Transportation


    Australians rely on taxis, buses, cars, trams, trains and airplanes to move across this huge country. Learn more

  • Entertainment & sport


    Australians have a happy and relaxed nature, so entertainment & sport are an important part of Aussie life! Learn more

  • Politics & economy


    Australia is a democratic society with a stable political and economic system. However, we still have a Queen! Learn more