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Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored

skilled-sponsored-nominatedThis Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) visa is points-based and for skilled migrants who have been nominated by a state/territory, or sponsored by a relative living in a specific area of the country. This visa is good for 4 years, and the visa holder must work and live in a specified regional area.

Certain family members can be included in the visa application, including family members not in previous subclass 495, 496, 475, and/or 487 applications.  This visa allows those with provisional visa subclasses 495, 496, 475, and 487 to stay in Australia for up to 48 months from the date the visa they hold today was granted.

489 visa criteria

  • you must submit an Expression of Interest, and be nominated (by a state/territory government), or sponsored (by an eligible family member)

  • have an occupation that is on one of the Skilled Occupation Lists
  • have you are occupation assessed successfully

  • be less than 50 years old when the invitation to apply for the visa is issued

  • meet the English language skills required

  • score of at least 60 points on the points test

  • meet the health and character requirement

How to Apply for the Visa

After you submit an Expression of Interest, and then receive your invitation, you can begin the visa application. This can be done from inside or outside Australia.

You must also be nominated by an Australian state/territory government, or be sponsored by a relative who is considered eligible, and lives in a designated part of the country. See this list of what is considered a designated area.


State/Territory Government Nomination

If you would like to be nominated by a specific state or territory government, you will MUST indicate this in your Expression of Interest. If you do not do this, you can be nominated by any state or territory.

Sponsorship by a Relative

If you want to be sponsored by an eligible relative lives in a designated area, you MUST include details of this person in your Expression of Interest. This person’s details can be updated in SkillSelect at any point. Should you change response, they must have the same criteria – be eligible and live in a designated area.

Current subclass 495, 496, 475 and 487 Visa Holders

If you hold a 495, 496, 475 or 487 visa, it may be possible to apply for a subclass 489, which will allow you to stay in the country for up to 48 months from the date of which the visa you hold today was granted.

Should you have any dependents who were not included in your original application, they may be able to come under this visa. If a dependent receives a 489 Visa, there will be allowed to stay in the country for the same period as you.

To apply for one of these new visas, you do not have to submit a new Expression of Interest, or receive another invitation to apply.

For more information, and the application forms, please visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.