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 Recognition of Prior Learning

Prior Recognition RPL gives students credit for skills, knowledge, and/or experience gained through working and learning. For example, a Diploma of Marketing from a college might be recognised as equal to the first year of a Bachelor of Marketing degree at a university.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) allows students to get through their studies faster, and thus at a lower cost. This is a great tool that allows Australian and international students the ability to “catch up” without having to study course content you are familiar with.


This may even affect the decision about what institution you will study with, so do research if you think you qualify! Contact the schools you are thinking of attending and start their assessment program. Our partner Drake Student Recruitment can assist you free of charge in the application process.


Assessment for Recognition of Prior Learning

Institutions are basically looking for evidence that you are competent in the skill or subject area you are applying for.


You can use this at any stage of life. The credit can come from formal or informal studying, any type of work, and through activities such as volunteering.

Be prepared to provide evidence of any courses, training, work, or experience in order to qualify. Evidence might include course transcripts, physical things you have made, workplace documents such as budgets or reports, assignments including projects or essays, third-party reports on your performance, portfolios, or a simulated environment (real-life demonstration). There are many more forms of evidence but this gives you an idea of what they’re looking for.


Your application for RPL will be reviewed by an assessor. If more evidence is required, you will be asked for at. Once your application is assessed, you will receive either a Competent or Not Yet Competent decision. If you receive a Not Yet Competent decision you will have to proceed with the course as normal.