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Open your Australian Bank Account


Opening a bank account is one of the first things any newcomer to Australia should do in advance.  Whether you are paying tuition fees, getting groceries, or buying a coffee, you will need an account for easy access to your money. In addition, most employers prefer to deposit salaries into a savings account.


Did you know you can open a bank account before you arrive?

It’s true! Australia is one of the only countries in the world that allows you to open an account from your home country. Take a major first step in success today. To assist with this, we have proudly partnered with ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited), one of Australia’s most repected banks.  ANZ takes the stress out of your financial preparation by organising the set up of your bank account…onlinein your home country.


How to open your savings or transaction account

Opening your new bank account from overseas takes just 5-10 minutes, and then you will officially be an Australian bank account holder! You can have your visa debit card delivered to the location of your choice in Australia – including any ANZ branch. It will be waiting when you arrive.

Apply online now!

Open Bank Account Overseas Open Bank Account Australia

If you are currently in Australia, you can open your new bank account here.

Do your best to activate the account within 6 weeks of arrival in Australia, as you usually need only your passport as identification within this time. After 6 weeks, you will need extra identification to open, or activate, the account.