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Car insurance


You should ensure you protect yourself by having your car insured In fact, some car insurance is compulsory in Australia. The length of time you have been insured in your home country may affect your insurance costs in Australia, so make sure to bring proof of your car insurance history to assist when you are getting quotes.

Compulsory Third Party Insurance

Often known as “green slip” insurance, this is compulsory (a must have) when you own a car in Australia. It provides protection for you in the event you have an accident that causes an injury to another person. There are a number of companies that provide this insurance, and you can access online tools to compare prices. For example in NSW the state government provides an online tool to compare green slip prices.

However, this insurance doesn’t cover you or your car.


Comprehensive Car Insurance

This insurance is designed to cover you for damage to your car, damage caused by you to another vehicle or property and it covers you for theft. You can obtain a quote for comprehensive car insurance from our partner ANZ, find out more.