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Bridging programs for migrants

bridging-programsSeveral universities, colleges and industry groups offer bridging programs to help migrants upgrade their qualifications to meet Australian requirements. These courses are available for skilled migrants in both licensed and unlicensed professions. Completing a bridging program will help you transition into the Australian labour market more quickly by filling the gaps in your skill set and getting your qualifications recognised. These programs also help you avoid the time and expense of retraining for skills you already have.

Benefits of bridging programs

The benefits of bridging programs include:

•    Assessment of your qualifications and skills

•    Practical workplace experience

•    Training or upgrading of skills in specific areas

•    Preparation for your certification exams

•    Specific English-language training for your profession

Government assistance

Federal Government financial assistance for bridging courses is available for foreign-trained permanent residents and New Zealand citizens under the Assessment Subsidy for Disadvantaged Overseas Trained (ASDOT) Program.


Finding a bridging course

To find a bridging course that’s right for you might require some online research and asking around. There is no central resource with information on all bridging courses in Australia. Course operators vary between states and territories.