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Buying a home


Owning a home is a cultural icon in Australia. Approximately 70% of Australians own their own home (with or without a mortgage). A free-standing house on its own block of land is the preferred type of dwelling. However, home-ownership is becoming a dream of the past. Young people are struggling to get into the extremely expensive property market, Adding to this, many newly constructed houses are getting bigger in floor space – and thus less affordable. In 2009-10, the Australian Bureau of Statistics estimated that 33% of home-owners owned their house outright (did not have a mortgage), 36% of home-owners had a mortgage, 24% were renting from a landlord, and 4% were renting from the government (assisted housing). 

  • Finding a home

    Finding a home in Australia

    Finding the perfect home depends on your investment needs and lifestyle, but the choice of area is crucial. Learn more

  • Purchase process


    Buying a home in Australia may be quite different to the process for purchasing propetry in your home country. Learn more

  • Additional costs

    Cost Of Buying Property

    Unfortunately, the price you pay for your home is not the only cost involved. Plan ahead to save from unexpected charges. Learn more

  • Home loan/mortgage

    Home Loans & Mortgages

    The home loan (mortgage) market can be confusing with so many lenders offering all different types of home loans. Learn more

  • First Home Owners Grant


    To encourage first home-owners the Australian government provides a cash incentive for people who qualify. Learn more

  • Building a house


    Building a new house can be the best or hardest thing you will ever do, so make sure you are prepared for the time and investment. Learn more