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For most migrants, Australia is a long way from home! Staying in touch with loved ones is easier than every through the internet and phone. Depending on your country of origin, phone cards and mobile phone plans allow you to communicate internationally at reasonable rates. While Internet service is currently considered slower and more expensive than in most other first world countries, the new national broadband network, set to roll out across the country in 2013, should improve online connectivity substantially.

Mobile (Cell) Phones

A mobile phone is likely one of the first things you will buy when you arrive in Australia. There is a great amount of choice, so shop around!

Modern smartphone lock screen at 12:35 with vibrant teal clock and dynamic water droplet effects.
Network switch with multicolored cables and indicator lights.

Internet Service

While broadband is readily available to most homes, prepare for slower and more expensive service than you might be used to.

Calling Overseas

Thankfully, Australians now benefit from inexpensive international phone rates, so keeping in touch with loved ones back home is easy!

Older man smiling on a phone call outdoors.