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Managing Money

Money-introductionWhen migrating, have your finances in order, both in Australia and your home country. In this section, we help you with decisions and planning regarding your money and finances. Opening a bank account before you come, transferring money, insurance, Tax File Numbers, credit cards, superannuation, buying a house, paying taxes…we help with all of it!

  • Managing finances


    Your family’s financial situation will be a top priority when you arrive in Australia. Learn about banking, superannuation, credit cards, mortgages, and taxes. Learn more

  • Opening a bank account


    Opening your bank account is one of the first things to do! Did you know you can do this in from home before you move? Learn more

  • Insurance


    Protect your family & wealth with insurance including home, car, income protection, and private health cover. Learn more

  • Taxation


    Tax in Australia is high and includes income tax & GST, but supports many free and excellent public services. Learn more

  • Buying a home


    Migrants to Australia dream of owning a home one day. However, property prices remain unrealistically high across the country. Learn more