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Food & Diet

Australia is one of the best places in the world to eat. Fresh air, clean water and a lot of sunshine mean that the fresh fish, meat, fruit and vegetables are of top quality. Being such a multicultural country, Australia has an enormous variety of restaurants offering cuisines from around the world.

International Ingredients

It is generally easy to find many international ingredients. Most Australian supermarkets carry the most popular world foods.

Fresh vegetables including tomatoes, mushrooms, green beans, yellow bell pepper, and scallion.
Barista creating intricate latte art in a glossy yellow cup.

Coffee Culture

Australians drink about 1 billion cups of coffee outside their home in a year, including 480 million capuccinos. This is a nation that loves good coffee!

Nutrition & Health

It is very easy to for migrants to eat poorly while getting used to a new diet. Luckily, Australia has a great many food options.

Close-up of a ripe citrus fruit on tree with dew-covered leaves.
Pouring wine at an elegant festive gathering with candles and semi-formal guests.

Alcohol & Drinking

A glass of wine or beer with friends is a popular way to socialise. Alcohol is served in most social situations.

Food Shopping

Supermarkets, local shops, and farmers markets provide an array of fresh produce, dairy, meat, fish, and baked goods.

Vibrant fresh vegetable display with onions, leafy greens, peppers, herbs, and mushrooms.