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Health & Safety

Australians tend to have a very healthy and active lifestyle. Temperate weather and beautiful parks and beaches make this the perfect place for sports and leisure activities. However, there is a side to Australian life that you must be careful of – poisonous animals and the dangerous sun!

This section of the website shares information about general health and welfare, and gives advice on protecting you and your family in a climate and environment you may not be used to.

Dental Care

Visitng a dentist can be an expensive trip, so know what the costs are, and plan in advance with medical insurance.

Patient receiving dental examination in a professional, hygienic setting.
Overflowing ashtray and cigarette butts on outdoor wicker table.

Smoking & Cigarettes

Only 20% of Australian smoke cigarettes. The laws are strict, and they cost a lot of money to purchase.

Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases are not common in Australia, but some do exist. It is good to know where they are found.

Scientist examining specimen under a microscope in a sterile lab environment.
Silhouetted figure gazes out bright window in dark room, conveying mystery and introspection.


Australia is one of the safest places in the world, but nowhere is perfect! Murder, theft, and assault does occur.

Public v. Private Health

Australia has both a public system and a private system for hospital care, and both are very good.

Train passenger wearing a mask, gazing out the window during a serene journey.