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Health & safety

health-wellnessAustralians tend to have a very healthy and active lifestyle. Temperate weather and beautiful parks and beaches make this the perfect place for sports and leisure activities. However, there is a side to Australian life that you must be careful of – poisonous animals and the dangerous sun!

This section of the website shares information about general health and welfare, and gives advice on protecting you and your family in a climate and environment you may not be used to. 

  • Dental care


    Visitng a dentist can be an expensive trip, so know what the costs are, and plan in advance with medical insurance. Learn more

  • Smoking & Cigarettes


    Only 20% of Australian smoke cigarettes. The laws are strict, and they cost a lot of money to purchase. Learn more

  • Infectious diseases


    Infectious diseases are not common in Australia, but some do exist. It is good to know where they are found. Learn more

  • Crime


    Australia is one of the safest places in the world, but nowhere is perfect! Murder, theft, and assault does occur. Learn more

  • Public v. private health


    Australia has both a public system and a private system for hospital care, and both are very good. Learn more