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Higher Introduction

Australia has always being a popular destination for international students pursuing a certificate, diploma or degree. Top notch institutions and teaching staff provide an inspiring learning environment. Post-secondary students enjoy a professional academic system, but enjoy an exciting lifestyle outside the classroom. The multicultural nature of our tertiary student population offers a unique and special experience, both Australian and international. Read on to find out why considering Australia for your higher education studies is a smart decision!

Study Pathways

Vocational Education and Training (VET) and University are the 2 main pathways to an Australian qualification.

Close-up of an open book with highlighted text and a note tab.
Grand library reading room with readers, laptops, wooden tables, green lamps, and two-level bookshelves.

Academic qualifications

Understand the difference between certificates, diplomas & degrees in Australia’s post-secondary education system.

Enrolment & Scholarships

Understand the steps to enrolling in a university program, and the process of getting a student scholarship.

Graduates joyfully toss caps skyward, celebrating their academic achievements on a sunny day.
A person studying alone in a quiet classroom with a whiteboard schedule in the background.

English Requirements

In order to study at a university/college, you must meet the required level of English.