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Managing Finances

Money and finance will be one of the most important issues on your migration journey. We provide you with resources and guidance on organising your finances for the move, and guidance on setting up the banking and financial needs for your future. You will learn about getting a credit rating, superannuation, opening a bank account, applying for credit cards, and insurance cover. Understanding the financial resources available is a big first step to success in Australia!


Australia’s bank system is safe and secure. They offer everyday banking services, credit cards, insurance, loans & mortgages.

Close-up of a blue credit card with chip held by an adult hand.
Person inspecting bill statement with magnifying glass, highlighting key amounts.

Cost Of Living

Be prepared! Australia is an expensive country. Day-to-day costs like rent & food are high, especially if you do not yet have a job.

Tools & Calculators

Manage your money smartly with tools & calculators. Work out your finances and budget with these free resources.

Organized office supplies around a central tablet on a tan corkboard.
Freshly rolled U.S. dollar bills on a light background.

Australian Currency

Australia was the first country in the world to have all of its bank notes made from plastic.


Employers in Australia must pay a minimum of 9% into an employees’ self-funded retirement funds.

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