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Planning Your Move

moving-packingMoving home in your own city is complicated, but moving overseas is a whole other situation! There are so many things to consider as you plan your move, including organising your finances, packing, shipping, and getting everything in place on the other side. In this section we offer checklists and suggestions on the steps to take.

  • Important First Steps

    Important First Steps

    You have a lot to think about, so we suggest a few very important things to do to get ahead more quickly when you arrive. Learn more

  • Know Before You Go


    Plan every step of your move to make the transition to Australia easier for you and your family. Learn more

  • Checklists


    There are so many things to remember to do when you are moving overseas. Our checklists will help! Learn more

  • Arriving by Airplane


    We explain what to expect at the airport, and give you some information to make your arrival into Australia easier. Learn more