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Politics & Economy

Australia is one of the most developed markets in the world with a capitalist economy worth approximately US$1.6 trillion. The nation is a G7 member. The Reserve Bank of Australia headquartered in Sydney.

Australia is a constitutional monarchy run through a federal government. While Queen Elizabeth II of England is the country’s figure-head, operational power is held by the government, currently the Labor Party. The party leader, Julia Gillard, also happens to be the country’s first female Prime Minister. The federal government is based in Canberra.


Politics & Voting

Australian citizens have a social responsibility to vote in every election they are registered for. Voting takes place at all three levels of government.

Silhouette of hand casting ballot into voting box, symbolizing democracy and civic engagement.
Massive urban rally with unified crowd in black clothing, assembly point sign visible.

Political Parties

Political parties are at the centre of Australian government. The parties represent the different views of the Australian people.