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Resident for Tax Purposes

resident-tax-purposesIn order to be considered a ‘Resident for Tax Purposes’, you must spend more than half the year in Australia.

The tax office will also consider where your family home is located, as this helps determine if someone is a resident of Australia.

Tax rules

You are considered an Australian resident for tax purposes if:

  • you have always lived in Australia

  • you live here permanently after moving from overseas

  • you have been in Australia for 183 days or longer

  • you have basically been in the same job, and living in the same home

Benefits of being a Resident for Tax Purposes

Benefits include:

  • a lower tax threshold (meaning you pay less tax than a non-resident)

  • the ability to set up and operate an Australian registered company

Australian residents are usually taxed on any income they are nationally or overseas.

See if you pass the test to be a Resident for Tax Purposes with the Australian Tax Office (ATO).