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Self-employment in Australia

Self-employmentRather than being employed by a company in Australia, you might decide to start your own business or be self-employed, operating as a sole trader.

The Australian Government website, is a great resource for anyone looking to start a business in Australia. It contains advice on both setting up as an independent contractor and buying a business.

There is advice on legal considerations, applying for a business loan, buying a franchise, registrations, licencing, importing & exporting, and protecting intellectual property as well as links to sources of essential information, such as the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Requirements for setting up as an independent contractor vary between states and territories. contains links to the authorities you can contact for advice in your area.

Government grants for starting businesses

There are a number of grants available for anyone, including permanent residents, wanting to start a business in Australia. However, it should be noted that these grants are extremely competitive and usually designed to help establish businesses in specific locations or industries.

A Grants & Assistance Finder for all states and territories is available at