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Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP)

Streamlined Visa ProcessingStreamlined Visa Processing allows students attending select academic institutions to receive a student visa more quickly and more easily.

Generally, when applying for a student visa, you are assigned an Assessment Level. This level depends on your country of origin. The current Assessment Levels are 1 to 3. Applicants on a higher level need more proof that they are genuine students, and need a larger sum of money in the bank to cover the cost of living.  However, if you are applying to an institution that qualifies for Streamlined Visa Processing, you will NOT be assigned an assessment level, and not be considered an immigration risk.

What are visa Assessment Levels?

A Level 1 Assessment includes countries like Canada and Germany, while level 3 countries include Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Nepal. How are these numbers allocated? The Department Of Immigration and Border Protection looks at the data from the past year for students who have outstayed or violated their visa (working more hours than they are allowed work or not leaving the country after the visa has expired). Unfortunately, if you are from a country where other students regularly break visa rules, the process is more strict for your application.

Applying with Streamlined Visa Processing

When you apply for your student visa, you must have a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from an institution which is part of the Streamlined Visa Processing system.


Is my school in the SVP system?

Participants include most universities, and some colleges, which offer a Bachelor, Masters, or Doctoral degree. In addition, you may be enrolling in a non-award university exchange program or a non-award study abroad program.

The list of education providers that qualify changes regularly, so ensure you know of whether or not the school you are applying to is a participant. This webpage tells you the institutions and their education partners included in SVP. Click on the Text tab for the list. (this is a complicated government page, so you might prefer to get some help from your school or an education agent!)