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Working Introduction

working-introduction Getting, and then being successful in, your first Australian job is a high priority for many of you. You may be arriving on a 457 visa with a job, or searching for one at the moment. In this section, we share advice on the job search and preparation, skills recognition, and interacting in the Australian workplace.  An understanding of how this all works in this new culture is very important, and will make a big difference!

  • Job Search


    Advice on preparing for, and getting, an Australian job – the job market, and English resume-writing and interviewing. Learn more

  • Career Pathways


    Understand the steps to work in your profession, including credentials recognition & English requirements. Learn more

  • Skills & Credentials


    Be forewarned! You must have your skills recognised to work in many industries, so start the process early. Learn more

  • In the Workplace


    Working in a new culture comes with trial and error! Learn as much as you can about Aussie workplace etiquette. Learn more

  • Career Development


    Continually improving your skills & knowledge will keep you on top of your game in the competitive Australian workforce. Learn more

  • Industry Reports


    Learn about the biggest industries in the country, what the trends are, and how your skills and experience can fit in. Learn more