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In the workplace


Congratulations, you got a job! Now it is time to prepare for the Australian workplace.  Entering a new work environment is never easy. Entering a new work environment in a different culture…is even harder!

Australia is a multicultural country, so most people have worked with a migrant at some point.  Your new colleagues will be happy to guide you, and will be more than willing to answer questions.  Try to connect with at least one person who can be your ‘guide’.  If you do not understand why some did or said something – ask!  Pay attention to how others behave; especially managers.  We have a great expression in Australia: ‘act and dress as though you are in your next role’.

Office etiquette, dress code, and the general ‘rules’ of the Australian workplace will depend on your industry, but we will give you some general tips to get you in the door with confidence on your first day of work!

  • Workplace etiquette


    The culture of your new office may take time to understand. Be patient as you watch and listen. Learn more

  • Working conditions


    A job in Australia offers security and safety. Labour law ensure workers receive the entitlements they have earned. Learn more

  • Part-time work


    Part-time or casual employment might be necessary when you first arrive as a new migrant. Learn more






  • Women in the workplace


    While equal opportunity in the workplace is national policy, Australia still needs improvement. Learn more